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Emergency Preparedness / Environmental Services
Emergency Preparedness / Environmental Services is dedicated to protecting & providing a healthier way of life for the residents of Richland County.
  Be involved in helping your family, your business, and your community to be ready for emergencies.      

Emergency Preparedness
Richland County Health Department collaborates with six counties in the Southeast Region to plan for Public Health emergencies.  The other counties are Ransom, Sargent, Trail, Steele, and Cass. 

The Emergency Preparedness group focuses on planning, training and conducting training exercises for all public health-related emergencies such as bioterrorism, pandemic flu and natural disasters.  They also provide educational materials on preparing for emergencies at home and at work. 

Emergency Preparedness groups have protocols to distribute medications and administer vaccine to the general public during a public health emergency. Distribution sites would be announced at the time of the emergency.

Links: Center's for Disease Control and Prevention

Environmental Services
Environmental Health Services are contracted through Fargo Cass Public Health. Environmental Services include but are not limited to:

 Radon & water testing kits available

• Onsite septic inspections

• Body art establishments, daycares group homes, & school inspections

For more information go to:
City of Fargo Environmental Health
North Dakota Department of Health (Environmental Health)

Body Art Establishments

The Environmental Health Division of Fargo Cass Public Health regulates all establishments in Richland County that perform body piercing, tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, branding, and scarification.  According to Richland County ordinances:

  • All establishments that perform body art procedures must be licensed by the Richland County Health Department.
  • All people wishing to perform any body art procedure must be at least 18 years old.
  • All people wishing to receive any type of body art must be at least 18 years old.  If under the age of 18, the written consent of the parent or guardian is required as well as the presence of the parent or guardian during the procedure.
  • Contact number 701-241-1360

On-Site Septic Systems

The Fargo Cass Public Health Division of Environmental Health permits and inspects all septic systems that are installed in Richland County and licenses all septic system installers in the county.  With the information gathered from a soil percolation test done by a private soil analyzer, the department gives the proper sizing factor to the septic system installer.  While the septic system is beinig installed, our inspector ensures that the system is installed according to the specifications given at the time the septic system permit was granted.

The Environmental Health Division also inspects existing septic systems at the request of the current homeowner.  Some lending institutions require that an inspection of the septic system be conducted before approval of a home loan.  This is to ensure that the future home owner doesn't purchase a home with an improperly installed or failing septic system.

  • Contact number 701-241-1360

          •  You can test your home for radon by contacting us for a free radon test kit.

Radon is a gas that you cannot see, feel, smell, or taste that is produced by nature. Radon can get into your house through cracks in the floor or basement walls. It can also get in through drains in the floor or through the openings around pipes. Radon can make you sick by causing damage in your lungs.

For more information on Emergency Preparedness/Environmental Services contact us by phone or email or use our Request for Information form.

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